Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Script - Science & Faith

The wise spending of my student loan was represented beautifully on Monday when I went on a small shopping spree around Cambridge, after my lectures. I didn't actually buy any clothes, which was a first for me. But I did buy a tool box (to carry my art bits back and forth to uni), a basket for my bike (which was fitted by a very handsome shop assistant!) and also some lights for my bike, some sequins (why?!), pink screwdrivers and lastly, the new Script album called "Science & Faith".
I have listened to the album many times since Monday, I think it's really good, definitely a great 2nd album from the boys :).
I have many favourite songs on there (to be honest with you they are all great, I don't think there is one song on there that I do not like.), however, there is one song on the album, which I feel to have particular significance to me at the moment. It's called "This = Love".
It's about love (funnily enough) and the ways it can make you strong. The song has helped me understand and realise that no matter how weak we are feeling and no matter how much of a battle you are facing, the love and support from the people you love really does make the difference. Love gives you a reason to carry on, no matter how much you want to stop, because you know that you have to be strong for them. The song also talks of the darker side to love, that it can be the reason why we fall down sometimes, but it's that feeling that picks you back up, "love is worth the pain."
With the thought of the people I love and love me in mind, I hope to do things I never imagined I could do.
Below is a little painting I did, it's not very good, but I felt like using the acrylics that have been sat on top of my wardrobe since arriving at uni.
This weekend I am going home, where the new Maroon 5 album should be waiting for me!

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