Monday, 27 September 2010

I love rediscovering old, forgotten things..

At the weekend I popped home as I was feeling a little homesick, I also to collected a few bits that I inevitably forgot to bring with me before. I picked up a number of art materials and a load of old sketchbooks, among these sketchbooks was my old diary from last year.. 
It was so nice to read through things that I had forgotten that I had done or thought. I found reading the entries very interesting, it almost felt as if I was reading someone elses diary. It made me realise how much everything has changed in just 1 year, I think that is why it felt like I was reading someone elses diary because the feelings that I had felt then have long gone, I can now look at the situation with a fresh mind.
There are quite a few pages in my diary that I am really quite pleased with, although at the time I know I really didn't like what I did at all. But with a fresh mind I can really appreciate the effort and thought that I had put into what I have done. 
My obsession with song lyrics still existed last year, I like using them to express how I'm feeling because I seem to be able to explain it better that way than through my own words.
I have chosen these pages I quite like the drawings and the layout of the pages, I also like the style of writing I have used.

I really love making diary pages, they help to preserve memories. I am still currently doing a diary, however, discovering this old diary has given me ideas on different ways to present my pages and subjects to base them on.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Script - Science & Faith

The wise spending of my student loan was represented beautifully on Monday when I went on a small shopping spree around Cambridge, after my lectures. I didn't actually buy any clothes, which was a first for me. But I did buy a tool box (to carry my art bits back and forth to uni), a basket for my bike (which was fitted by a very handsome shop assistant!) and also some lights for my bike, some sequins (why?!), pink screwdrivers and lastly, the new Script album called "Science & Faith".
I have listened to the album many times since Monday, I think it's really good, definitely a great 2nd album from the boys :).
I have many favourite songs on there (to be honest with you they are all great, I don't think there is one song on there that I do not like.), however, there is one song on the album, which I feel to have particular significance to me at the moment. It's called "This = Love".
It's about love (funnily enough) and the ways it can make you strong. The song has helped me understand and realise that no matter how weak we are feeling and no matter how much of a battle you are facing, the love and support from the people you love really does make the difference. Love gives you a reason to carry on, no matter how much you want to stop, because you know that you have to be strong for them. The song also talks of the darker side to love, that it can be the reason why we fall down sometimes, but it's that feeling that picks you back up, "love is worth the pain."
With the thought of the people I love and love me in mind, I hope to do things I never imagined I could do.
Below is a little painting I did, it's not very good, but I felt like using the acrylics that have been sat on top of my wardrobe since arriving at uni.
This weekend I am going home, where the new Maroon 5 album should be waiting for me!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Birthday Weekend

I have just celebrated my 20th birthday!
I'm starting to feel so old. Time is running too quick, I really wish I could slow it down. I guess all I've got to do is make the most of every moment, but I know it's certainly easier said than done!
It was my first birthday away from home (due to being at uni), so I had a birthday meal just over a week ago with the rest of my family. Being away from home on this day was a weird experience and also made me feel older as I was on my own.
Luckily, I didn't have to spend the whole day on my own as my parents and brother drove up to visit me and give me my presents.
My main present was a mini sewing machine, which certainly will come in handy on my Illustration course and in my own projects. I also got a tea cup, saucer and cake stand set from my mum, along with loads of cupcakes to have with it. All the plates are vintage, but when I have a little more time, I am going to post some pictures of them, just so you can see how lovely they are :). I was also very lucky as I received another bead for my Pandora bracelet, it has blue butterflies on it, which are very pretty.
My brother also made a little bag of goodies for me, he got me a little Pooky Bear (Garfield's teddy) key ring which is REALLY cute, some  AKG headphones and a talking alarm clock that's shaped like an apple. The clock tells you the time and temperature every hour, which is a little bit annoying, but at least I will always know the time now!
After opening all my presents, we went out for a meal in the Weatherspoons in Cambridge (The Regal), which was nice.
Then after that we headed back to my flat where we were just in time as Alex arrived from the train station. My family then went home and Alex stayed the night ready for tomorrow antics.
The next day we both went shopping, where I bought a few art supplies for my course and Alex bought a lovely jacket from the very expensive Ted Baker shop.
We then went back to the flat to get ready for the evening, where we went to go and see Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (see previous entry for details). Then after the gig we headed back to the Weatherspoons for a drink and bit of dancing.
Then on Sunday, we had to say goodbye again, which was very sad. But I have to keep in mind that I'll be seeing him again soon (this Friday to be exact), so all is good :).
All in all, I had a lovely birthday, I'm just hoping this year won't go too fast!
My lovely flowers from Alex on my windowsill
Brother, Mum and Dad at the Weathersoons
Mum's heart-shaped fish
Me with some of my birthday bits

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Gig Cambridge (18/09/2010)

I recently went to see Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. at St. Pauls Church in Cambridge. It was a very small and intimate venue, which made the gig feel very special. I was very fortunate to get a place right at the front of the crowd, it almost felt as if I was on stage with them!
The acoustics sounded brilliant in the church, which only added to the quality of the gig. The songs they performed were perfect, I think he sounded so much better live than on CD.
I really enjoy the idea of having gigs practically on your doorstep here in Cambridge, I almost certainly will be going to another gig here.
Below are some pictures taken from the gig, I also got a few videos but I can't seem to be able to load them up, so you can't see them, sorry :P

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ricoh 500 G

I have been wanting a Diana Mini Lomography Camera for a while now, so I have asked for one for my birthday. I love the effect it gives to the photographs and many different effects you can get with it, including a half-frame option and mulit-exposures. It's all wrapped up in an adorable little blue retro case, that's small enough to take anywhere with you.
However, my Dad insisted that it's a waste of money. So, whilst at a boot sale, he found an old camera that cost just £1 (which I have to agree is a good bargain).
 The Ricoh 500 G looks kind of similar to the Mini Diana, however, it's age really does show as the foam on the inside has disintegrated, so we had to tape it up to prevent light leakage. 
Anyway, to prove my dad wrong/ right, I bought a film and tried out the camera to see if it works.
And here are the results..
The results are better than I expected as I didn't think the pictures would come out at all. If I knew the pictures would have come out as well as they did, I think I would have made more of an effort to take better pictures.
The effect on the photos aren't quite the same as the Diana Mini, but the effects still look good.
This has given me a slight dilemma, do I keep this camera and just carry on using this one, or do I buy the Diana Mini?
I think my answer lies in playing with this camera a bit more. Now I know it actually works, I will try and take some better pictures and see how they turn out. After trying the camera out a bit more, I think I will then decide on what to do.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Becoming a student...

This weekend, I moved some of my 'stuff' into my new student flat in Cambridge!
I moved in on Saturday, I then went out for the evening with my boyfriend (Alex) to sample the night life and we stayed there that night. I have to say, we didn't find much going on, however I do think we went to the wrong part of the city.
The next day (Sunday) we went around Cambridge, visiting the shops and generally getting used to the place. We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to stay another night! The next day (Monday), we went around the shops again and purchased a few items and then went home. 
All in all, it was a good weekend. It has settled me into my new house and has made me feel a little less nervous about living away from home. Surprisingly, as I'm sat here now, I feel myself missing my new room (which can only be a good thing).
I do think that  if we had the chance, we would have stayed in the flat for the whole week, however we had to go home as Alex has to start his new job back home the next day.
I will be moving into the flat for good next Sunday, by this time the rest of my flat mates will be there too, which should make the experience a lot more exciting!

My book shelf, with the important DVD's and CD's on it!
My bedroom
The Kitchen/ Living Room/ Dining Room
Me and Alex