Monday, 27 September 2010

I love rediscovering old, forgotten things..

At the weekend I popped home as I was feeling a little homesick, I also to collected a few bits that I inevitably forgot to bring with me before. I picked up a number of art materials and a load of old sketchbooks, among these sketchbooks was my old diary from last year.. 
It was so nice to read through things that I had forgotten that I had done or thought. I found reading the entries very interesting, it almost felt as if I was reading someone elses diary. It made me realise how much everything has changed in just 1 year, I think that is why it felt like I was reading someone elses diary because the feelings that I had felt then have long gone, I can now look at the situation with a fresh mind.
There are quite a few pages in my diary that I am really quite pleased with, although at the time I know I really didn't like what I did at all. But with a fresh mind I can really appreciate the effort and thought that I had put into what I have done. 
My obsession with song lyrics still existed last year, I like using them to express how I'm feeling because I seem to be able to explain it better that way than through my own words.
I have chosen these pages I quite like the drawings and the layout of the pages, I also like the style of writing I have used.

I really love making diary pages, they help to preserve memories. I am still currently doing a diary, however, discovering this old diary has given me ideas on different ways to present my pages and subjects to base them on.

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