Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ricoh 500 G

I have been wanting a Diana Mini Lomography Camera for a while now, so I have asked for one for my birthday. I love the effect it gives to the photographs and many different effects you can get with it, including a half-frame option and mulit-exposures. It's all wrapped up in an adorable little blue retro case, that's small enough to take anywhere with you.
However, my Dad insisted that it's a waste of money. So, whilst at a boot sale, he found an old camera that cost just £1 (which I have to agree is a good bargain).
 The Ricoh 500 G looks kind of similar to the Mini Diana, however, it's age really does show as the foam on the inside has disintegrated, so we had to tape it up to prevent light leakage. 
Anyway, to prove my dad wrong/ right, I bought a film and tried out the camera to see if it works.
And here are the results..
The results are better than I expected as I didn't think the pictures would come out at all. If I knew the pictures would have come out as well as they did, I think I would have made more of an effort to take better pictures.
The effect on the photos aren't quite the same as the Diana Mini, but the effects still look good.
This has given me a slight dilemma, do I keep this camera and just carry on using this one, or do I buy the Diana Mini?
I think my answer lies in playing with this camera a bit more. Now I know it actually works, I will try and take some better pictures and see how they turn out. After trying the camera out a bit more, I think I will then decide on what to do.

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