Monday, 16 November 2009

Long Sketchbook Project

Over the recent half term, we were given a long sketchbook project. This was to give us a starting point for our personal narrative final piece.
The book had to be based on single idea, that you can explore and develop through-out the book. The book that we were given to use was a concertina sketchbook, we could use it in any way we wanted, as long as we stuck to the brief.
I based my book on food, I wanted to use this idea because it is an everyday function that we all have to do in order to stay alive. However, this subject is often overlooked and is quite a private and sensitive issue with a lot of people.
To explore this idea, I decided to record the food I ate over the period of 5 days (that is the amount of food that I could fit into the book!!). I made minimal comments on the food and how I was feeling as I think the drawings alone reveal enough about myself.
I found that recording everything I ate and presenting it in such a way, was a very overwhelming idea! Also, showing other people what I had eaten is also quite daunting, I felt like I was being judged and I felt vulnerable due to revealing a part of myself often goes unnoticed by other people.
From my group critique, I found that other people also started thinking about their own eating habits and comparing them to my own.
The book works both as a book, where you turn the pages, but it also works stretched out as the pages blend into each other. Below, I have presented each of the pages in book form, as this was the easiest way to show them on here...

All in all, I found this to be a successful project, although I feel that some of the drawings and page layouts could have been produced better.
I will also apologise about the quality of pictures, I am yet to purchase a scanner that works on my laptop!

It's been a while..

I haven't really been on here recently (I can tell that I have been sorely missed!!)
Yes! I have become officially useless, but that's all going to change.. (we all know it won't, but it's nice to sound optimistic.)
I have been busy working on my latest project in my art course, this project is called personal narrative, so it's all about me. I will post pictures once it's finished and I will explain all then.
Other than that, nothing else is really happening in my life (probably the reason why I haven't updated anything on here).
But lets face it, this time of year is normally dead! We are all feeling a bit down from the change in season.. no one likes leaving the summer behind and also, we are all preparing ourselves for the joys of Christmas! I suppose it's nice to have a little 'quiet time', where not much is really going on.
However, that can't last forever, so I do hope something exciting is around the corner!!!