Sunday, 30 October 2011

Charlie Simpson

Friday 28th brought a highly anticipated day for me, the day that I got to meet Charlie Simpson!
We arrived very early at Concorde 2 in Brighton for our meet and greet.
When we finally got in, we watched a little bit of the sound check and then he came over to meet us! He signed a set list for us and then gave us a plectrum each.

 Watching the sound check...

 Me and Charlie. 
He was VERY tall and was even bending over slightly here!! (or I'm just really short..... )

After the meet and greet, we were put to the front of the queue for the gig. So we managed to get very near the front.
The gig was excellent, the support acts started it off well. They set the crowd off with their lively and engaging performances.
There were three of them; Andrew Balkwill, Dave McPherson and We Were Evergreen.
I was very pleased to have Dave McPherson as one of the supporting acts as he is the lead singer of one of my favourite bands, InMe. Which was an excellent surprise and just made the evening just that much better.
Charlie was just as good and put on a great performance.
He played my two favourite songs from his album: Sundown and Please Let Me Go as well as many others.
I really didn't want the gig to end!

Love Julie

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