Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Again, life has taken over. A lack of time and a lack of interesting things to write about has left my blog a little bit ignored.
I am back home from uni for Easter now, it feels so good to be home, back in my comfortable bed, everything familiar around me and most importantly, I don't have to cook for myself! I think this semester has been the longest I have ever been away from home, it's been three months. Quite a long time, but to be honest I've settled in so well in Cambridge, I actually didn't want to come home.
I am having a little period of doing no work before I dive head first into the piles of work I have finish off for our hand-in in May. Hopefully I get it all done in time.
I am using this little break to reflect on things. Assess where I'm at in life, how far I've come and where I'm going next. And during this little think, I have realised how much everything really has changed and it's true what they say, everything changes with time. 
A discussion on this topic, lead to a little advise from a good friend; we cannot look back and wish for what we used to have, that is not how to make the most of the short time we have here. Instead, living in the now and being open to the changes and opportunities that will embrace us in the future is the best way to be right now.
And indeed they are very correct, but, it's hard to let go of previous chapters in your life if they felt so good, and ended before you were ready. You cannot move on when you feel like you'll never find anything as good as that, your natural instinct is to run straight back to what made you feel so happy and safe. But if it's one thing I've learnt recently, that you can never go back to something that you have lost because it will never be the same and will more than likely make you feel worse.
I think it's time to take this advise on board, do all the things I want, whilst I can! There's no point in wishing for better, when it's you that's got to make it better.

I went for a walk today, and took some pictures.
I had the following song on repeat for most of the walk. 
I don't know if anyone else gets this, but sometimes I find a song that I just really like and I can relate to well. I will listen to it repeat for hours and just not get bored of it.
I don't know why I do it, or how I do it. But I do it and I enjoy it, so I guess it's fine.

Check out the song if you like, it's really quite beautiful:
Charlie Simpson - Sundown

Have a read of the lyrics too, the pictures also kind of reflect the song!

 Girl, I've seen your dreams and they were filled with darkness,
But your eyes turned white in the bright lights.
I know there's torment in your heart and it's swimming round your body like a shark.

 Can you not see me anymore?
Or are you just hiding beneath the floor?
Because I can't feel empty anymore.

Just hide your heart anywhere
Please, hide your heart anywhere from me.
Because I'm just not ready for,
No, I'm just not ready for all this.

Just throw a stone into the wishing well,
Walk me down to the waters edge and push me into the swell.
As I walk down the stairs to face another day,
I don't think I drank enough to make your face go away.

Because I have been waiting here from the start,
Hoping the sunlight will rise through the dark
Because my heart is yearning for you dear.

Just hide your heart anywhere
Please, hide your heart anywhere from me.
Because I'm just not ready for,
No, I'm just not ready for all this.

Oh, the nights are so cold
And I'm breathing you in.
But there's blood on the streets,
And it's darker than sin.

And I don't know where I am going,
I don't wanna know anyway.
I just need you here,
because you are my sundown.

Ciao for now

Ps. I hope you are enjoying my new blog design, I have not settled on this, but I just fancied a change, so this is temporary until I find the time to work something else!

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  1. Ooooo liking the background, where's that come from love?
    Totally get the listening to a song on repeat thing... I'm loving this Regina Spektor song from Prince Caspian, just makes me think of Narnia, almost cry listening to it!!
    Lovely dandelions :) xxxxxx