Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Olympus iSnap

It's been a long while since I've blogged and to be honest, not much has happened.
I have been working and trying to relax and make the most of my time off.
Just started back at uni for my second year!! Looking forward to it, although feeling slightly daunted by the work load to come!!
Today I finished the film in my Olympus iSnap camera, so got it developed whilst in town.
I used it mainly to document a few events in the summer. Some of the pictures have turned out quite well, some are rather funny! 
But all show some really good memories :)

 Eating the best carrot cake I've ever had!
Secret Garden Party
 The messiest falafel pitta we've ever eaten!
Secret Garden Party
 Cher with her messy falafel pitta
Secret Garden Party
A close up of my face paint, this camera does not like close up photos
Secret Garden Party 
 Secret Garden Party
Secret Garden Party 
 Secret Garden Party
 Secret Garden Party
 Secret Garden Party
 Secret Garden Party
Me and a torch of all things
 Secret Garden Party
 Flat mates (Year 1) With huge bars of choccy
 Flat mates ready for a night out
 Cher in the garden
 Me, Martin and Misty in the back garden
 My wrist band (another blurry one)
Walk with parents
I like the effect on these photos
 Sitting on a branch when out for a walk
 Out for a walk
 Me and my Dad, when we went to a Mads Langer gig in Borderline, London.
Mads Langer on stage

Feeling very uninspired at the moment, very tired and generally quite grumpy, so it would explain the lack of interesting things in this post.
I'm hoping my next post will be interesting.
I have a few things lined up this month, so I'm hoping things will liven up soon.

Thanks for reading

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