Friday, 17 June 2011

A Trip to the Emerald Isle

Sorry for my recent absence on here, I have spent the past week in Ireland.
We (Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad & I) all travelled over to Ireland for a family wedding, and combined our visit with seeing lots of family.
I think most of our time was spent either driving (as everyone seems to live so far apart from each other) or eating!
Everywhere we visited offered a cup of tea (which of course you cannot decline!) and you can't just have tea on it's own, so biscuits, cakes, sandwiches also followed!
I think we've all come home about a stone heavier!

The wedding was beautiful and we were fortunate enough to have the weather on our side.
For some reason, we all got far too caught up in the whirlwind of the wedding that we forgot to take many pictures.

The Straw Bride and Groom

I couldn't resist putting a picture up of the gorgeous cat that lives with the family we stayed with! :)

I did take my sketchbook with me, I had huge intentions to do lots of drawing!!
However, that failed miserably and I still have no drawings in my summer sketchbook!
Oh well, still plenty of time yet! :)


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