Sunday, 27 February 2011

I Suck..

... at everything :( 
Including making cakes out of packets that are meant for kids!

Eric really wasn't much help in this situation, he just sat there with a big smile on his face, mocking my lack of culinary skills today :(
The sponge looks like it's trying to escape out of the cases and the icing is splodged everywhere and when it came to sprinkling the white chocolate curls.. I think I had officially given up by then.
I am yet to try them... but the flavour cannot be blamed on me.
I apologise to Eric the Elephant for the shambles I made of his (meant to be) beautiful cakes :(.

I WILL make some better cakes in the future to make up for this disaster... but in the mean time, these little cakes are going to be fed to my much appreciating (?) flat mates :D.

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