Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Matt Nathanson

I am having a serious obsession over the singer, Matt Nathanson at the moment.
I know I posted a YouTube video of his current single very recently but after finally getting my paws on his new album (due to it being sent to my home address and me being here in Cambridge), I feel he is worth another blog post!
(Looking rather chuffed with my new album :P)

His new album "Modern Love" is simply beautiful and inspiring.
I have been non-stop listening to it since I got it and it has certainly been added to list of my all time favourite albums!

The piece of writing within the album artwork states the album's purpose, it really gets you thinking..

"If they're done right, records
should do seemingly opposing things.
On one hand, they transport you...
They drop you somewhere else
but, at the same time, they root
you deeper in yourself.

The way the songs are sequenced,
the artwork,
the arc of the record,
it's all part of the experience.

This record's a collection of
stories about love
and how it exists now...
In a time where technology
and warp speed and instant
gratification are the premium.

This record was made around the idea
of opposing things smashed up
against each other.
Working together.

Head vs. Gut
Pristine vs. Messy
Technology vs. Heart
Computers vs. Acoustic Guitars

Modern Love."

I feel this to be an excellent description of the album.
It gives everything. 
Slow songs, upbeat songs, happiness, sadness, seriousness, light-heartedness...
Opposing things that all seem to work so, so well together.
He certainly captures the idea of modern love.
It's complications, it's excitement, it's up and downs.
It's uncertainty, intensity and loneliness.

There is not one song I do not like and I am even struggling to find a favourite!
Each song has it's own individual meaning and a story that draws you in and enables you to reflect and explore different feelings and emotions.

This new album certainly doesn't fail to live up to the standards of Matt's previous albums.

If anything, with each album he becomes that little bit better (if that's even possible!)

Be sure to check out this new album, you definitely won't be disappointed.

I shall leave you with the song that I seem to be enjoying the most on the album at the moment.
The song sounds so beautiful and mesmerising.

The lyrics are full of meaning, yet still slips in a bit of humor.

This year all but disappeared,
bought into fairy tales,
but sleeping beauty just kept score
and tried to sleep more.

She said, "I'm not quite myself tonight,
but the way you touch me
makes me tongue tied,
but that could be the wine too."

"Kiss quick, I got a line out the door
who all think they can save me.
One by one they lay the world at my feet,
one by one they drive me crazy."

She said, "I know love,
and it's all push and shove,
so stop talking, and put your back into it."
Loaded, oh my hands shook to hold her,
I turned her body on...
I turned her body on myself.

"Kiss quick, I got a line out the door
who all think they can save me.
One by one they lay the world at my feet,
one by one they drive me crazy.
Shut your mouth, pull me out before this all goes grey.
One by one they lay the world at my feet,
one by one they go away."

"Sold my blood for money, baby... baby,
and I love how it feels."
And this year, all but disappeared.


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