Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's a Dog's Life..

Trying to find time between partying, sleeping and eating is such a challenge at the moment! :P (as you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying my summer!)
However, I have found a little bit of time to make a stop motion animation with modeling clay.

It was mainly an experiment to see what I could do, but I also based it on my dog Misty, who seems to have ever changing moods.
I hope you enjoy it. I do plan to put music/sounds to it at some point.
I am definitely going to do more and try to make the images in my next animation look smoother and also have better lighting (and work out how to make the lighting stay the same in each frame).



  1. excellent absolutely love the little blue man, don't worry to much about the lighting it is always a struggle the only way you could do that is in a room with only one light saws and even then it still doesn't always work but rely well done....thinking of coming over to animation?

  2. Julie, this is gorgeous! Really really lovely :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx