Sunday, 3 April 2011

Grantchester Meadows

Today has been such a lovely day, some of the people in my Illustration class and a few of the tutors took a walk to Grantchester Meadows, just outside Cambridge.
The weather was lovely, feeling almost summery!
We went to the Orchard Tea Room, which is basically an orchard, with deck chairs and tables set out underneath the trees where you can have cream teas (etc.)!
Below are a few of the many pictures I took.
 A view of the deck chairs in the Orchard

Blue Skies

Cloudy skies!

An interesting wooden sign and instructions on how not to use a deck chair

My beautiful friend, Connie, drawing away

Squashed plants against a window.. I thought it looked rather interesting

The rather large Scone (or Scons)

 A gorgeous dog, that was sat tied to the table but was very well behaved

I then gave a shot at modeling on the tree trunk!

Knotted roots.. all very interesting

Posing again! :O



Walking home... we didn't want to leave!

Rowing along the river..

.. it looks so peaceful.

My two lovely friendies Cher and Runa


Connie looking pretty in the woods

Posing again!!

I really want this!
Perfect colour :D

 Pretty flower on a bike :)

Today was so lovely, it certainly proves that good company and the little things really makes life lovely :)

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