Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Balance of Life

This weekend was a roller coaster to say the least.
Saturday was a very busy day.. my friend and I went to the Affordable Vintage Fair in Cambridge, where I purchased 3 jumpers!! (I will post pictures of these once I have found the time to photograph them!!!)
Lunch then followed.. I know, sounds extremely boring, but I thought I would treat myself to a healthy stuffed pepper and I was very proud of the results!

 It almost felt like summer sitting in the sunshine in my room, the window open and a light breeze drifting in, Relient K's album playing, whilst eating this summery meal! 

The evening came round very fast, and it was suddenly time to head back into town to have dinner at my friends house and then whizz off to a gig.
Benjamin Francis Leftwich was playing in a little pub called The Corner House in Cambridge. He was supported by two bands, Thomas Rumbold and The Catwalkers and The Sorry Kisses. They were all excellent.
However, I regret to say that I didn't take any pictures.. I think I got too caught up in watching the bands, consequently forgetting to actually take some piccies..
But I think sometimes it's nice to just watch the show and have the memories in your mind, because they will stay with you forever as well and sometime memories can be more vivid than pictures.

Anyway, Sunday then popped it's head round the corner (the days are going too fast right now!) and I ordered my ticket for The Secret Garden Party, which I am far too excited about!!
I know.. all sounds pretty good right now..
But disaster struck, I went off for my weekly food shop this afternoon. Before heading into Sainsburys, I decided to take some money out of the cash machine, but it swallowed my card!!! I couldn't get it out!
This is something I have always been worried about, but never had it happen before (until now).
This then meant I could not go food shopping, due to having no credit card and a lack of money in my purse.
(I have now canceled my card and a new one will arrive in the next few days.)

The balance of life has been restored.. something bad has to happen when too many good things happen. I do not like things like that happening as much as the next person, but I believe it keeps you grounded. 
And yes, that is my important life lesson I have learnt, you have to take it in your stride because that is what makes you stronger. You cannot let things like that drag you down.
But yet again, you still need people to fall on, which is why am very thankful for my very supportive friends and family as I believe I probably would have lost my mind without them!

I shall leave you with a song that means a lot to me at the moment.
As fast as time seems to be going right now, the times that I feel down seem to go very slow. Every hour, minute and second seems to last forever and that is the most painful thing because you just don't know what to do.
This song just helps me realise that I am not alone and the people that really care are always there for you and will do anything to 'get you back to good'.

Jonathan Clay - Back To Good

This is the only video I can find of this song
Take a While
And Take a Breath
Let yourself down slow

Gather up your memories
Hold on to what you know
And everything's been moving way too fast
You thought that you found something that would last
And it passed

So if you find
That in your mind
You're putting up your guard

Trust me when
I say it's not
Supposed to be this hard

You'll fall again
And it'll feel so fast
And every single fear you thought would last
It'll pass

And you'll fall again
And it'll feel so fast
And every single fear
And every single fear
Will pass

Do I have to let go
And watch you walk away
And do I have to let go
And wish you would have stayed

I think I'll just play the part
I think I'll just play the part

It may take some time
Before you find that
You're back to good again
Right where you should have been

And even though
The letting go
Can be the hardest part
I think it's time you start

Living like you're loved again
I don't care where you've been
I wish you'd let me in
And show me how to get you
Show me how to get you back to good

Back to good

Get you back to good

Back to good

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