Sunday, 10 January 2010

Where have you been hiding my whole life?

I went shopping in Milton Keynes shopping center the other day to buy some clothes, as I have grown out of the ones I have at the moment (too many chocolates at Christmas I think). There's a new shop there called Hollister, on first look I thought it was a restaurant, but the models (and VERY good looking ones at that) standing outside told me otherwise. Inside the shop was very different to what I expected, it was dark with spotlights shining on the racks and shelves of clothing. Very effective I must say, however, quite disorientating when you're not expecting it.

Anyway, I found myself mesmerised with the clothes in there, so much to chose from. Where has this brand been hiding all my life? After much browsing and deliberating over what to get, I finally decided on a jumper. I am very pleased with my decision, it is amazingly soft and cosy. The jumper is Grey with long sleeves and has the word "Newport" written across the front, it is also very long in the body, which is very useful for keeping the cold out!

Below, is a page from my journal showing my jumper, excuse the very messy writing, I think I got a bit carried away with myself.

I also thought I would have a quick play around with the new Photoshop program I got, so I took a quick picture of me in my jumper and played around with some of the effects on there, you can see some of these below..


Black and White..

These were probably the best that turned out from my 'experimentation', but I hope to do a bit more when I get time.

Tonight I am hoping for lots more snow because I feel too ill to go to college :(

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