Thursday, 27 January 2011

Japanese Wishing Pot (Christmas Project)

Over Christmas, we were given a project to repackage an item to make it more desirable.
I chose a little pot for £1 from a charity shop.
It's style is very Japanese, so I wanted to create some packaging that reflected this..
I researched some background info into some Japanese traditions and beliefs. I found some information on Japanese wishing Cranes, where if you fold 1,000 origami cranes your wish will come true. I also found a product called a Zen Wishing Pot, where you write your wish onto the scroll provided and apparently it will come true.
Combining both of these ideas, I came up with the 'Japanese Wishing Pot', where you write your wish onto a piece of paper, then fold it into an origami Crane, then place the crane into the pot and your wish will come true.
I created the packaging on Photoshop, using the design on the pot as inspiration.

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