Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The End of Life Drawing...

Yesterday evening saw the end of the life drawing class course that I have currently been attending after college. I am really going to miss my Tuesday evenings, I have met some great people on the course and I feel I have really progressed in my drawing ability. I have found that in these classes, I was able to switch off and just relax and focus on what I was drawing or painting.
We have learnt how to use a number of different mediums and techniques and styles of drawing, we also looked at a number of different artists from many different periods of times for inspiration and direction in our work.
The course was separated into 2 sections, the first half focused mainly on our drawing ability and experimenting with different materials. The second half consisted of doing pieces of work in the style of a certain artist. In the last 2 weeks of the course, we were required to produce a final piece of work in the style of an artist that you liked the most. The final piece had to be produced either on canvas or board and had to consist of more than one piece.

I chose to use 2 MDF boards for my piece, in a size that was just a little bit bigger than A4 and I decided to do my piece in the style of Egon Schiele.
I have painted the figure using acrylic paints.

I am quite pleased with the way these have turned out, they aren't completely in the style of Schiele, as his figures tend to look more distorted and angular. However, I feel that I have added my own style into this piece and taken my inspiration from Schiele, rather than making a replica of his work.
There are a few bad points about my work, the worst part has to be the hand in the top figure as I did not have enough time to correct this.

I will definitely be looking to do another life drawing class or something similar, I really want to improve my drawing skills further and explore many different techniques and materials.

I have also produced many more sketches and paintings in my life drawing classes, I will upload these at a later date as they are currently being marked.

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