Monday, 16 November 2009

It's been a while..

I haven't really been on here recently (I can tell that I have been sorely missed!!)
Yes! I have become officially useless, but that's all going to change.. (we all know it won't, but it's nice to sound optimistic.)
I have been busy working on my latest project in my art course, this project is called personal narrative, so it's all about me. I will post pictures once it's finished and I will explain all then.
Other than that, nothing else is really happening in my life (probably the reason why I haven't updated anything on here).
But lets face it, this time of year is normally dead! We are all feeling a bit down from the change in season.. no one likes leaving the summer behind and also, we are all preparing ourselves for the joys of Christmas! I suppose it's nice to have a little 'quiet time', where not much is really going on.
However, that can't last forever, so I do hope something exciting is around the corner!!!

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